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bobosmith01 sent:

YOU ARE ALIVE YESSSSSSSSSSSS In any case, mod, how come your blog's Viola acts like Real Viola, while other times, she acts like she's Ellen in Viola's Body. I know it says it's EllenViola, but...just wondering.)

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wow hello

is anyone even in this fandom anymore holy mother of god

uh but hey guys I’M BACK HELLO 

and i’ll actually be answering asks too huehue 

but i’m going to go through my blog and maybe hide some of my earlier posts/posts that i don’t like because wow slightly embarrassing they’re so old

but as of now, i declare this blog open again hohoho

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daydreamgalleries sent:

Personaly I wouldn't see Roleplaying as counting. That's more fan interaction than fanwork. (Which I see as the production of something such as fanart or fanfiction)

[ technically, it’s still the character of viola or ellen ( or whomever else you’re roleplaying with ) interacting with another character from a different series - textbook definition of a crossover.

if you think about it, roleplaying is a type of fanfiction - you’re taking a character that isn’t originally yours and writing them into a story ( or roleplay thread ). the only difference is you’re collaborating with someone else, if that makes sense?

that’s really my view on it. ]

Anonymous sent:

Do you know if the no-crossovers rule applies to OCs? Like, say, an Ellen roleplaying with an OC

[ tbh i’m not sure.. i supposed that might count as a crossover? there isn’t anything in the rules that speaks of roleplaying.. fanfiction, yes, but.. 

hm.. i’d say, to be safe, it does apply, but it’s really my opinion more than fummy’s actual word. ]